The Story of SomeWhen

SomeWhen is the story of three friends, Matt, Tom and Hank, who met on a movie set as background actors. Their common bond is their ongoing desire to get a ‘real’ role in a movie, and that has been continually thwarted by a system that will not consider them as anything other than ‘Extras’.

When Matt, the genius of the three, invents a time machine and convinces the others that it works, they decide to use it to go back in time with the simple intention of filming themselves ‘acting’ in various time periods. Their misguided goal? To put a demo reel together that may help them secure acting roles in the present.

As they stubbornly try to ‘keep it simple’, they begin to realise that what happens to them in the past and in the present will change their lives forever. Fortunately, the worst of their blunders seem to get ‘adjusted’ by an elusive steampunk-looking character that vanishes as mysteriously as he appears.