Photo of Brad Allen
Brad Allen
As: Lee, Talent Agent Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Brad Allen was Alberta born and raised and grew up in the country with farming and horses. Brad studied architecture and work building custom homes until his interest in photography and film making took over.

Brad loves the outdoors, wildlife, trains, movies and most things. He has received international recognition for his Fine Art, Illustrative and Commercial Photography and is and award winning filmaker with nominations for Best Cinematographer at the 2007 and 2012 MPIA Awards.

Photo of Jodie Allen
Jodie Allen
As Miss Tilley: Old West Saloon Owner Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Jodie Allen As Miss Tilley: Old West Saloon Owner
Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’
Jodie Allan met Neil, Mike, Al and Paul on Hell On Wheels 2 years ago. She has since shared the set with these friends (and many more) for the Klondike Mini Series, the movie Foresaken, the Fargo TV Series, Away and Back for Hallmark and in independent film – The Great Fear.

Her side projects have included the Calgary Underground Film Festival’s 48 hour Film Challenge, behind the scenes as a Locations PA and Voice Work.

SomeWhen is providing Jodie the opportunity to bring the blur of red hair in the background to the foreground and to show what kind of talent that this redhead has to offer.

Photo of Maddie Dixon-Poirier
Maddie Dixon-Poirier
As: The girl that Runs the Future! Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Maddie Dixon is a young, Alberta actor who has appeared in FARGO, Big Sky, independent films such as How To Beat A Bully, and several Public Service Announcements and stage plays.

In addition to acting, she loves to sing and dance and has recently started to try her hand at guitar. She loves to make her own films and often involves her classmates in her productions.

Maddie is small but has a big personality and loves to make people laugh. She is so excited to be a part of Somewhen!

Photo of Neil Enock
Neil Enock
As Matt Brogan: Time Traveller Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Neil Enock is an admitted ‘tinkerer’. After creating and hosting the million-plus viewed TrainTalk.TV podcast he entered the film & television world and has since been seen in The Klondike Mini-Series and in 2 & 3 season’s of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. He has lead roles in several independant short films and will be seen on the movies Interstellar and Forsaken as they are released.

Neil is producing and directing the pilot episode ‘Fate’. He also appears as time traveller Matt Brogan in the series.

Photo of Ramona Fox
Ramona Fox
As Herself Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Ramona Fox has been in the film and television business since age 6. Playing the role of agent in Somewhen is close to home for her as she has been a real life Talent Agent for the last 10 years.

Ramona’s talent touches many areas. She appears in Rad, Cool Runnings, Identity Theft and other locally shot pictures, provided voice over work for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie and as a book author, wrote ‘Insider Secrets, How You Can Succeed in the Entertainment Industry’.

Photo of Catherine Gell
Catherine Gell
As Kathy: Matt’s Assistant Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Catherine Gell, British born actress, dancer and recording artist brings a lifetime of stage and screen experience to the cast of ‘SomeWhen’ in the role of Kathy. Catherine’s performances include work in the critically acclaimed drama “12 Mile Road” with Tom Selleck and the romantic comedy “Picking Up & Dropping Off” alongside Scott Wolf.

Disney fans will recognize her as the hapless science teacher Miss. Falkringa in the series ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ , sport fans know her voice for her work with ESPN–including co-announcing the 2000 ESPY’s–and most recently, she is known to Anime fans as Suzumi in the hit series ‘Buddyfight’. 2015 also marks the release of her debut CD “Judas Kiss” featuring all original compositions and performances.

Photo of Andy Guba
Andy Guba
As: The Deputy Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’
Photo of Damien Avery Guba
Damien Avery Guba
Old West Background Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Damien Avery Guba at 13 years old has done Body double work on Hell on Wheels and background on the Klondike Mini-Series.

An avid Super Hero fan, Damien’s favorites are the Batman and the Hulk. He’s also a big fan of the the walking dead, kick boxing and action video games.

Damien joins us in the Pilot as one of the kids in the Old West town.

Photo of Natasha Kelly
Natasha Kelly
Old West Background Pilot Epsiode: ‘Fate’
Photo of Shawn McKinney
Shawn McKinney
As: Jessie Coulson Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Shawn Blair McKinney was born in 1969 in New Westminster, BC. His family moved to Calgary in 1977 and Shawn Graduated from grade 12 in 1987.

For the next 20 years Shawn worked in the residential and commercial construction industry and has worked for an Architectural design firm for the last 7 years.

3 years ago Shawn decided to pursue a long time interest in the film industry and has been an extra on a few film productions being filmed in the Calgary area. On one such set he met Neil Enock, this meeting turned into a friendship and Shawn is currently working on Neil’s ‘Somewhen’ project both as an actor and as a crew member whenever the opportunity arises.

Photo of Del Pease
Del Pease
As: The Mayor Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Del Pease spent several years in theatre as actor and instructor, before beginning his work in the film and modeling industry in 2012.
His resume includes the TV miniseries Klondike, Forsaken, Runes in the North, Pizza Wars for CMT. He is cast for the mystery film The Lights of St. Louis and is kept busy modeling.

Photo of Diana polowick
Diana polowick
Old West Background Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Diana Polowick was Born and raised in Butte Montana and moved to Canada in 1986. Embarking on her film career in 2010 she started out as back ground on various productions in the Calgary Alberta area. “Heartland” TV series,”Klondike” Mini TV series, “Hell on Wheels” season 4, “Fargo” season one,”Young drunk Punks ” season one TV series.

Diana has worked as a Crew member, Actor, Writer, and Producer on many independent films as well. “Along my film career I have met, and made some great friends. Neil Enock, Paul Fry, and Al Stickel are among the best. I intend to bring my knowledge, experience, and more importantly passion for the film industry to the production of SomeWhen”.

Photo of Sean Priddle
Sean Priddle
As: Clyde Coulson Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Sean Priddle has appeared on every season of Hell on Wheels and in the Klondike Mini Series for the Discovery Channel.

He is an artist and sculpts & paints with the rest of his time. We are hoping he will make us some action figures for SomeWhen, as he has done this in the past.

Sean brings his self-described ‘freak-like ability to grow facial hair’ to SomeWhen in his first acting role as Clyde Coulson.

Photo of Jeff Skinner
Jeff Skinner
As: Himself Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Jeff Skinner has an extensive resume, He has performed in over forty theatrical productions and over 500 musical stage appearances, many of which were with his vocal group, The Argyles. Jeff has also performed in numerous films and television projects including just-released The Pinkertons, We Were Children for APTN, Falcon Beach for Global and many more.

Along with his extensive credits, both locally and nationally as a singer, actor, composer, writer, director, producer, in the theatre, film, music, television and commercial industries, Jeff has an extensive background in corporate marketing and event production.

Jeff has also produced three feature films and owns and teaches at the Actors’ Training Centre of Manitoba. He is also a Master Practitioner in both Classic Code and New Code Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Photo of Michael Skorpack
Michael Skorpack
As Hank Snow: Time Traveller Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Mike Skorpack and Neil met as background actors on Klondike and have worked togther on many projects since. He appears as Time Traveller ‘Hank Snow’ in SomeWhen.

When not acting, Mike helps with Set Design and construction, using skills from his other life, as a Construction Contractor in Calgary and Banff.

Photo of Allan Stickel
Allan Stickel
As Tom Granger: Time Traveller Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Allan Stickel and Neil met as background actors on Klondike and have worked togther on many projects since. Recently he has had principal roles in television’sGo Fish, Cowtown and the upcoming Off Screen series.
In addition to Film and television acting, Al does voice work and theatre acting. He lends other valuable skills to SomeWhen as our Transportation coordinator and as a retired firefighter, acts as our on-set EMT. He’s a handy guy to have around!

Photo of Joseph Whitebird
Joseph Whitebird
Old West Background Pilot Episode: ‘Fate’

Joseph Whitebird was born Joseph Pellettier from Minnedosa, Manitoba. After trucking for 35 yrs, Joseph began to chase his passion as an actor. He started background acting and then began training in earnest, taking numerous courses and learning the business.

Joseph has been on sets as a background actor for Klondike, Fargo, Heartland and Hell On Wheels. Now working towards the principal aspect of the film industry. Joseph has had a few roles in films throughout this year of 2014.