Photo of Angela Dale
Angela Dale
Costume Designer: Future Time Machine Coat

Angela Dale has been designing and building costumes and props for over 25 years all across Canada. She has has also worked as a wardrobe supervisor, costume cutter, draper, and milliner on numerous theatre and film productions.

Most recently, her designs have appeared at Augmented World Expo 2014, Make Fashion 2013 & 2014, CES 2014, Maker Faire YYC 2013 & 2014, Maker Faire San Mateo 2013, Calgary Comic Con 2013, Calgary Stampede Grandstand show 2008-2013

Her research interests include wearable art and technology, which made her the perfect personal to design and fabricate the Time Travel Coat. This peice sets new standards in merging costume and prop and provides for some fantastic in-camera effects!

Photo of Regan Enderl
Regan Enderl
Director Of Photography: Cage Crash Unit

Regan Enderl is a cinematographer who has worked in the Film Industry in Calgary for over twenty years.  He has worked as a camera operator and second unit DP on many projects  including Commercials for Honda, Volkswagon, and Molson; MOWs and Pilots for Sony Pictures, CBC, SYFY, MTV, Nomadic Pictures and TV series Hell on Wheels (AMC network), Wild Roses (CBC), Klondike (Discovery).

He has also worked as a DP on independent projects with local aspiring directors doing short films, commercials, and series pilots.

Photo of Neil Enock
Neil Enock
Creator, Writer, Director, Producer

Neil Enock is an admitted ‘tinkerer’. After creating and hosting the million-plus viewed TrainTalk.TV podcast he entered the film & television world and has since been seen in The Klondike Mini-Series and in 2 & 3 season’s of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. He has lead roles in several independant short films and will be seen on the movies Interstellar and Forsaken as they are released.

A great believer in independent productions, he often assists local and international projects in various capacities as crew or cast and has been known to lend his iTinkr film studio to productions as set space. As SomeWhen’s creator, Neil is producing and directing the pilot episode ‘Fate’.

Photo of Paul Fry
Paul Fry
Assistant Director

Paul Fry has acting credits on the both the Hell on Wheels and Fargo Television series, and has been involved at many levels in local feature and Independent films.

Paul is bringing his talent from front of the camera to the other side, as our Assistant Director the series. He also plays bad guy ‘Paul Coulson’ in the Old West!

Photo of Marnie Madden
Marnie Madden
Assistant Director: Western Unit

Marnie Madden began her career with roles in background before securing more substantial roles in commercials, TV shows and motion pictures.

In 2014 Marnie acted in and produced the TV series Off Screen, the comedy series was inspired by actors coached by Jewelle Colwell. Marnie also created, acted in, hosted and produced The Cougars Cooking Show.

Marnie is passionate about creating stories that inspire the world, bringing the story to life one page or scene at a time. She is part of a very talented and dedicated creative group that produces many projects for TV and motion pictures.

Photo of Debra Ross
Debra Ross
Executive Producer – SomeWhen Pilot ‘Fate’

Debra Ross is the President and owner of Gamma-Tech Inspection Ltd., a leading non-destructive testing company, located in Calgary, Alberta. Debra founded her company in 2002, firmly establishing her entrepreneurial credentials. Today, Gamma-Tech has over 350 clients and Debra’s hard work and dedication have transformed the company into a multi-million dollar organization.

In addition to piloting a multi-million dollar venture, Debra is an accomplished public speaker. She has been the focus of such events as Women Shaping Business, Randstad Canada, SAIT, Reddeer College and Lilith Leadership Retreat, to name a few.

Debra’s philosophy is that success will come and go and come again, but significance lasts longer than a lifetime. She often speaks about how we can only develop as fast as we help others to develop. Her interest in arts and culture is no accident.

Debra has more than a longing passion for arts and culture in the community. She has become an advocate of the local scene. In addition to participating as a Director for the Calgary International Film Festival, she also sits as its co-­‐chair at The Film Circle.

Her experience compounded by her philosophy is a lucrative recipe as she works to help the Calgary International Film Festival execute its mission and march closer to a vision to champion film makers.

Photo of Neil Speers
Neil Speers
Director Of Photography – Western Unit

Neil Speers has photographed everything from The Queen Mother and several Prime Ministers to a building from the 15th floor when only 10 floors had been built!

As a videographer Neil has won Calgary Culture Club awards for Best Picture, Audience Favourite, Best Director and (drawing on his musical abilities) Best Original Score for his mockumentary pieces “Indie Artist Jane and the Raiders of the Lost Art,” and “Culture Lost and Found.”

Neil lends his professional eye to our First Unit Western shoot and has been instrumental in Graphic design and Website layout for SomeWhen.

Photo of Brenan Zuehlke
Brenan Zuehlke
Grip, Sound

Brenan Zuehlke has been sound or grip on most of the SomeWhen Unit shoots as well as helping out on ‘The Service’ and Diablo.  He has appeared as background on Forsaken, Who is Riley Oakes and other films.

A relatively new member of the film community, Brenan has shown himself to be a versatile asset on any set!