What is ‘SomeWhen’?

SomeWhen is a sci-fi adventure comedy set in the present day – with a time travel twist.  It has been called a cross between the movie ‘Extras’ and the TV show ‘Quantum Leap’.

SomeWhen is an independent TV pilot that hopes to encourage the development a full TV series. We want you to join us in making the pilot which we can show to networks and studios -or- use as a starting point for further independently produced episodes.

What is ‘SomeWhen’ about?

SomeWhen is the story of three friends, Matt, Tom and Hank, who met on a movie set as background actors. One of their common bonds is their ongoing desire to get a ‘real’ role in a movie has been continually thwarted by a system that will not consider them as anything other than ‘Extras’.


When Matt, the genius of the three, invents a time machine and convinces the others that it works, they decide to use it to go back in time with the simple intention of filming themselves ‘acting’ in various time periods. Their goal – to put a demo reel together that may help them secure acting roles in the present.

Can it really be this simple? What will the past be like? Will they get their video and land a plum acting job?